Annie Goldstein (notsaul) wrote,
Annie Goldstein

013 ⚸



I think we all learned some pretty important fucking lessons here.

One: Don't trust anything you hear from stuttering little bitches, because if they'll lie to one person about what their fucking intentions are, they'll definitely have no problem lying to a whole bunch of evil fucks over the phone.

Two: The only thing worse than a fat Nazi asshole is a fat robot Nazi asshole. They taste like motor oil and failed dreams.

Three: The less hair you have, the more evil you are. There's been studies and shit.

So, anybody who's planning on killing me, man the fuck up and meet me in the park later. It's not like I have anything better to do; there's no TiVo here.

[action; the park]

[Anyone willing to take her up on her offer will find her, true to her word, sitting on a bench in the park, looking through what appears to be some photographs. Anyone who can manage to get close enough to look at them-- good luck with that-- will find that they are all of a lovely but stone-faced young woman. She has beautiful long black hair, and eyes with red irises.]
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